Our figures are meaningful

When it comes to a company‘s performance and financial strength, figures speak an obvious language. DEVK’s key performance indicators are our strongest selling point.

Welcome to the top ten

As a partner of DEVK, you are playing in the top league of German insurance companies. Our about four million customers hold more than a combined 14 million insurance policies in all areas. In 2017, that makes us the third-largest provider of household insurance in Germany. We come in fifth in vehicle insurance and sixth in third-party-liability insurance. The following charts provide detailed information on DEVK and its market position.

DEVK key figures 2017


Number of employees

Sales channels

Premiums by insurance line

Banking cooperations

Total gross premium

Solvency II: Top results in the stability check

The strict financial stability framework Solvency II was introduced across Europe to protect insurance policy holders as part of the new EU finance oversight architecture. Companies are especially required to prove the equity capital that allows them to comply in the long run with the contracts they have entered into. DEVK exceeds all requirements under Solvency II. Our capital cover ratio stood at 284 percent as of December 31, 2016. That makes DEVK a financially sound, stable partner.

Ratings: Experts confirm A-Plus performance

We attach great importance to having our credit rating and financial performance reviewed regularly by leading rating agencies. Our A+ rating was stable even during the financial crisis and has been reconfirmed every year since 2008.

Rating Fitch

Rating agency Fitch has confirmed DEVK Group‘s financial strength rating of A+. The outlook is stable. The agency highlighted DEVK’s strong capitalization, high reserve standards and strong market position of some of its businesses.

Rating Fitch

Rating Standard & Poor's

Standard & Poor's confirmed DEVK’s A+ (very good) financial strength rating in 2016. The group’s very strong capital basis, excellent competitive position in the market and positive business results were the key factors for this assessment.


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