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Global know-how

As a member of international institutions, we are in a continuous exchange with our partners around the world, and follow global trends and developments in the insurance sector.

A strong community all around the planet

DEVK is a part of a broad international network: We are a member of European mutual insurers‘ association Euresa and global mutual insurers‘ association ICMIF.


Euresa’s members are comprised of ten EU member states as well as Morocco. First of all, Euresa sees itself as an association of values. In times of international economic imbalance, this strong collective offers one key thing to its almost 35 million insured: security and the protection of core European values – and thus a comprehensive basis for trust. DEVK has been a full active member of Euresa since 2005.


ICMIF stands for the “International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation”. As a global network with 290 full members from 75 countries, the association represents a capital of more than US$ 1 billion. DEVK’s activities at ICMIF focus on an international exchange on global trends and the current challenges in the insurance sector.